Featured Performers

Jerry Harris, Master Hypnotist

Jerry's comedy hypnosis show has been a part of First Night for over a decade. Jerry relaxes his subjects as they enter a hypnotic state and then they become part of the show, performing for you!

Children under age 16 must have parental permission and speak with Jerry prior to the show if they would like to be included on stage.





Big Top the Clown


Big Top the Clown (also known as Richard Melendy) has been a clown for many years. Growing up in La Canada, California he studied pantomime and stage acting. His interest in pantomime led him to clowning. He received his formal clown training from Mooseburger Clown Arts Camp and was formerly part of the Ringling Brothers-Barnum & Bailey Red Unit Circus!



Keith Ramsay's Fired Up Magic Show


Keith Ramsay's Fired Up Magic Show offers a show which is geared toward children, but is fun for all ages. He connects with kids in a fun way and often they become part of the act as a magician's assistant on stage. You can expect the usual magic tricks from Keith, but also a visit from his trusted partner Rodney and some ventriloquism.





Chimal Entertainment


While this is his debut performance at First Night, the circus life is in Walter Chimal's blood. Formerly with Circus Chimera, Walter traveled throughout North and South America before settling in Pasco. He brings an energetic act to our lineup where you likely will see balancing of objects (sometimes on his face) uniciycle riding, juggling and more!

Photo credit: Tri-City Herald